This is always difficult to lead the market in any country living another country. There are lots of variations and characteristics you might need to follow. And the same difficulty while i need to do marketing plan for Middle East. I must say that, i am lucky that i am working in online media. So analysis becomes easy but not 100% perfect.

Here are some statistics(February, 2015) i can share:

1. Facebook is the leading social media site in middle east.
2. There are 147% of total population use mobile phone!!!! (Don’t get surprise there are lots of people who use multiple handsets at a time)
3. 75% of total handsets are smartphone!
4.  40% of total population use facebook where 80% o them are from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.
5. Google is the most trafficked website in all countries over there.
6. Youtube has the 2nd largest community from Middle east zone.

Want to have leading digital media marketing over there??? Go with the statistics first. Cheers!!!